How frequently do shuttles leave the airport?

Shuttles depart the airport every 15-20 minutes.


Do shuttles stop at multiple hotels?

Yes, this is a shared transportation service. However, we grouped the hotels we service into separate zones to keep travel times to a minimum. We have designated shuttles dropping off and picking up according to these zones. It is important to report to your correct zone when leaving the airport.


How long before my scheduled pickup should I report to my pickup location?

We recommend being at your pickup location 5-10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Be sure to ask hotel staff for directions to your pickup location as some hotels have multiple exits. See our Hotel Pickup Points for location details.


I have my ticket on my cellphone. Do I need to print out a copy or can you scan my phone?

All online tickets must be printed prior to getting on the shuttle. Our scanners do not have the ability to scan cell phones.


Do you call passengers when you arrive or if they are not at the designated pickup location?

We do not call passengers when we arrive at the pickup location. With the volume of passengers and pickup locations, this would slow down the process for other passengers.

Do you have more questions? Please call our Guest Service Agents at 702-444-1234.